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MORE Hot Romance and Steamy Encounters! From Stephanie Brother’s Premier Collection of tales of sensual romance!

Stepbrother’s Commands

He’s the billionaire who never sleeps alone. And here I am, at his front door…

Brooks Richards isn’t the type of guy I usually go for.. For one thing, he’s a billionaire, which freaks me out completely. What’s worse is that he’s rumored to take models home every night… doing all sorts of BDSM stuff behind closed doors.

If I could afford it, I’d stay somewhere else for my job interview. But I’m dead broke.

And I can’t help but be a tiny bit curious about what goes on in his Santa Barbara mansion.

When I accidentally lock myself in one of his upstairs bedrooms, I’m left with a couple of questions — what the hell is this place… and why is Brooks standing outside the door, chuckling to himself?

What happens next takes my breath away… and awakens something in me I didn’t know existed.

Stepbrother’s Commands” is a standalone romance with some light BDSM elements, a whole lot of delicious tension, and an HEA.


Billionaire Stepbrother – Addiction – Part Four

Brett Ghent, a newly minted Billionaire, made it when his company, ‘Pecker’, hit the big time.

His stepsister, Kady, and he had been attracted since their parents married, but Brett and Kady had tried very hard to remain ‘normal’. Unfortunately for them, their secret lust for each other had been growing…

Their forbidden attraction suddenly takes on new urgency when Kady is accosted by a drunk thug, and Brett steps in to rescue her. But, neither of them are ready for the turn their lives take, as they ride away from the brawl in a limousine that is almost unreal in its luxurious capabilities. As Brett and Kady are transported to an ocean-front mansion, a cryptic message from the owner of the vehicle forces Brett’s hand.

Meanwhile, Brett’s father, Ted, and Kady’s mother, Sarah, have been married several years now. When Ted gets information that Brett’s success has real implications for the survival of his own company, he is faced with a difficult decision. What he and Sarah don’t realize is just how deep the secret tentacles are that are reaching for them. Sarah and Ted prepare to attend a social event that will ultimately explode everyone’s ideas of morality, loyalty, love and trust.

Follow the erotic romantic adventures of these two very different couples, as their world is suddenly turned upside down, as they try to figure out what is right, wrong, forbidden or even allowed!

HOT STEAMY ROMANCE! Billionaire Stepbrother – Addiction Series!


23 thoughts on “Upcoming Releases

  1. I just finishedTorn by Two Step Brothers parts 1 & 2. Will there be more to this story. Definitely left me hanging here!

  2. Hi,

    I just read the first two books and was wondering when the third is going to be released.

    Can I get an estimated date of when “giving my stepbrother a baby #3” will be released?


  3. Was there a plan to publish My stepbrother, the billionaire, & the baby (The Step Contract Book 3)? There was indication on Amazon it would be published soon and it has never come to be. What happened?

    1. I would love to know this too as I have been checking in regularly to see if there is any news about it 🙂

  4. I just read Stepbrother: Caught in the Act – Part 1&2 and I was wondering what title would Becky & Jackson story be so I can put it onto my wish list & to keep and eye out for it?

  5. Just finished the first two parts of the Step Contract series. Soooo good!!! I was just curious as to when the next one might be coming out?

  6. I just finishing reading “My stepbrother, the billionaire, the bargain” and “My stepbrother, the billionaire, the ball” and I can’t wait for part 3 to come out. The suspense is killing me

  7. I would live to see more on the story of Sash, Dante and the rest.

  8. Was just wondering what the book was called from the collection stepbrother caught in the act. The one about becky and jackson. If you could let me know that would be great, because it did not tell me.

  9. When are you going to release part 4 of Tempest: Stepbrother Millionaire Romance ?

  10. When are you going to release part 4 of Tempest: Stepbrother Millionaire Romance ?

  11. I’m waiting for part 3 of Torn between my two Stepbrothers, and then part 4 and 5. Stephanie said there are 4 to 5 parts.
    Waiting for Tempest 5.

  12. Do you know when you will release Stepbrother Celebrity Parts 2 & 3?

  13. I was curious to know if “my stepbrother the billionaire and the baby” would be coming out soon have been waiting for a year

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