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WARNING! This book is very explicit and will melt your Kindle screen…as well as other things!”

“Beyond Hot!!  … a hot rollercoaster ride that you are not going to want to end!”

The books in “The Mandarin Connection” represent the longest-running and HOTTEST series in my catalogue, for good reason! They are highly researched, and written for readers who like some ACTION as well as SEXY ACTION!

Packed full of sexy, hot Alpha men!


SEAL Team!


And, they are all stepbrothers to the most lusting, romantic and loving women you can imagine!


The series starts out with Billionaire Stepbrother – Addiction.

Stephanie Brother - Billionaire Stepbrother - Addiction

Brett and Kady, and their parents Ted and Sarah are two couples whose tales are intertwined.

The story starts as Brett becomes fabulously wealthy, and the entire family is drawn into the weird, exotic world of intrigue, sex and mystery of Jonathon Reighland, an eccentric billionaire. As the steps figure out their relationship, their parents grow stronger than ever in theirs, but the enticements of Reighland’s real-life Xanadu, “Ocaba Bien” may prove their undoing!

Brett calls on his friend, Captain David Spalding, to help when he and Kady are suddenly confronted with peril!


The next installment is HAUNTED

Brian and Kim are steps who are reunited by chance, twelve years after Brian’s alcoholic father ejected him from their home during a drunken rage. Kim’s heart broke then, but she moved on.

Now, they are thrust into a dangerous world of intrigue, as Harlon Calloway plots to take over the Native American burial lands near the “Indian Wells State Park.”

They meet Randall “Randy” Mitchum, who is the attorney for The People, the tribe whose lands are in danger of desecration.

Kim and Brian realize that old passions are resurfacing, and rapidly, but their plight increases when they are kidnapped!


FRAUD is the action-packed and thrilling story that continues the pulse-pounding narrative!

The steps in this riveting adventure are Derek and Megan, who must contend with adversity from all sides.

Megan is being blackmailed by Robert King, who involves her in a sinister plot to kill her stepmother, or risk Derek being incarcerated forever!

Derek and his Alpha Team comrades are hot on King’s trail, and must find ways to overcome King’s formidable organization, including the infamous George Tanner.

But, there is a surprise in store for all of them, when someone turns out to be not exactly who he seems!



BONED and BONED2 pick up the pace!

Three stepbrothers, Stephan, Karl and Drake ‘Bone’ Jaeger are in love with their stepsister, Rachel.

When a sudden tragedy strikes, the family is thrust into a hidden world of danger, mystery and action!

There’s tons of unexpected revelations, complex relationships, and when the previous characters in the series appear, the result is a smorgasbord of hot bodies, full-on thrills and the HOTTEST action EVER!

Panty-melting scenes of steps, multiple partner and swaps will leave you gasping for MORE!




BONED3 is ON THE WAY, and will provide the UNBELIEVABLY HOT conclusion to the BONED trilogy!

But, will it mean the end of the “Mandarin Connection”?

Stay tuned to find out!



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