The last person I expected to see in a police interview room was my estranged stepbrother…

When I was called to represent a mysterious client, I had no idea it would put me face to face with the one guy I could never forget.
But memories are like shadows, following you around no matter how hard you try to break free from their chains.
He was my best friend and my stepbrother, but now he’s a stranger.
Then our eyes meet across the interview room and I know I’m not going to be able to stay away, no matter how many times he warns me it’s too dangerous to become mixed up in his life.

On the outside I’ve crafted an image to help me fit in: tattoos and muscles, street clothes and a scowl.
I’ve modeled myself on the man I despise most, the man who took me from a happy home only to neglect me as a kid and use me as an adult.
I’m stuck in a world I don’t want to be in because there’s nothing for me outside of this. But then Sammie walks back into my life and nothing feels the same.
She’s beautiful, and I know I shouldn’t want her that way but I do. Just one touch and I can’t get her out of my mind.
I want to escape but how can I when I know I’ve lived a life that’s put me beyond the point of return. Saving myself now would risk the only girl I ever loved.

This is a 30k word standalone novella with no cliffhanger, suitable for 18+.

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