Stepbrother Tease

Stepbrother Tease

Stepbrother Tease is one of my latest releases and it’s available for free starting today¬† through to Saturday, 4/25.

Stepbrother Tease is the story of a new adult, Cherise, who’s been secretly craving her handsome popular stepbrother, Giles, for years. Unfortunately, she’s pretty sure that he hates her, because he’s always dreaming up new ways to embarrass her, and catching her off-guard with one of his practical¬† jokes.

Yet – she can’t help but desire him, even though she knows it’s wrong, and she knows he won’t share the same feelings. But, she’s got one last chance to tell him how she feels, because tomorrow, he’s off to college – and potentially out of her life for good!

She talks him into one last surfing trip with the intention of telling him how she feels during the afterglow of being in the waves together. But when he pulls one last unforgivable practical joke on her, all her plans go to dust!

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