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More fun and follies are in store!

Black&white photo of sensual young couple   Macho man   STEAMY!

A sweet romantic adventure!



Follow Kady and Brett as they traverse the world of the ultra-rich! Join their parents Ted and Sarah as they get drawn deeper and deeper into sensual adventures of exotic nature!



Twin brothers, one a Saint, one a Sinner! Their new step-sister is drawn to them both! Who will she choose?



2 Wicked Stepbrothers, 1 Innocent Girl follows Emme Ford, a beautiful young woman torn between her two stepbrothers, both as wicked as they come, but only one hiding a sinister mind … Will she choose the right one? Warning! The series is darker than my usual works, so proceed with caution.

6 thoughts on “Series

  1. Hello Ms Brother
    I am looking for book 3 & 4 of the 2 Wicked Brothers 1 Innocent Girl series
    I cannot find them on Amazon
    Can you direct me to where i may acquire them?
    Please and thank you

  2. Tempest A Stepbrother Romance is hot and steamy. Where can I read the rest of the series? It’s really great.
    Max is out of this word. Hot sexy and steamy, OMG. Great!!!!!!!!!!

  3. When will the 3rd installment of this series be released?
    My Step brother, The Billionaire &The Baby (The Step Contract)
    Hopefully soon.

    1. I would love to read the next book as well. Please let us know if it will be released.

  4. I read part of the Crave as a bonus with another book. Amazon doesn’t have it available for purchase. Is there somewhere else I can purchase this series?

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