More Declan and his dastardly plan for revenge.
More Declan and his dastardly plan for revenge.

“Stepbrother’s Revenge, Part Two” is now available. This is the final installment in the “Seduced For Revenge” serial. Find out Declan’s evil plan and if he goes through with it at Lia’s expense.

His father’s new husband ripped apart Declan’s family and left his mother suicidal. Declan will destroy the billionaire’s happy family in return, and the key to revenge is Ambrose’s sweet daughter. Declan will seduce the innocent Lia, break her down, and use her to humiliate her father. Determined to succeed, he will allow nothing to distract him, not even an unwanted attraction to his new stepsister.

And an excerpt:

We were all alone out here, and the awareness muted my anger. Those cursed hormones were raging, and the tight dress suddenly felt too hot and constricting.

“What are you doing?” asked Declan.

I scowled. “What do you mean?”

“You were practically screwing that guy in front of everyone.”

I crossed my arms over my chest. “Seriously? You’re so full of it. You seemed to be steering that girl toward the guesthouse. I’m sure you weren’t going to play video games.”

He jerked me against him, holding a handful of my hair almost painfully. For some reason, the aggression in his moves increased my arousal. I still glared at him and tried to pull away.

“Stop.” He spoke firmly, and the authority in his tone was so unexpected that I obeyed the command in spite of myself. “Why are you fighting, Lia?” His hands gentled, and though he still held me close, it was no longer with a sense that he was making me stay. “You want me.”

“I did.” I licked my lips, aware of his gaze following the motion of my tongue. “Three days ago, Declan. I’m over that.”

“Are you?” With a cocky grin, he thrust his lengthening erection into my stomach, grinding slowly. “I’m not over it.”

“Then why have you been such a dick the past few days?” I hated the way my voice broke a bit, betraying how upset I was behind the anger. I didn’t want him to know he’d hurt me.

He shifted slightly, looking uncomfortable. “I was sorting stuff out. Like whether it’s okay to bang my stepsister.”

“When you phrase it like that…” I rolled my eyes. “You’re the one who told me this was between us, not our fathers, and now you’re having second thoughts?” I wrenched away from him, putting a few feet between us. “You aren’t my brother. You’re barely more than a stranger. I’m so done with your games.” In a huff, I spun around and strode back toward the house.



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