My Stepbrothers Rock, Headliner

The second book in my serial, My Stepbrothers Rock, Headliner, is now available! You can download it FREE until May 19. If you haven’t already, start your rock-n-roll journey with Morgan, Alex and Grant in book 1, My Stepbrothers Rock, Opening Act.

My Stepbrothers Rock, Opening Act (Book 1)

My Stepbrothers Rock, Headliner (Book 2)

About the series:

Book 1:

Morgan has loved her stepbrother Alex in secret for years, until he reads her diary. It’s filled with all of her most secret thoughts about him, what she feels, what she wants to do with him and even erotic poetry to match the music she hears him playing in the room below hers. Alex is more than happy to learn of his step sisters feelings because he’s had the same burning desire for her. Finally together, it seems only natural to express their feelings, but an interruption scares them into stopping with an even larger interruption invoked in the form of Morgan being sent away to an all girls school.

Book 2:

Morgan has spent the last two years tucked away in an all girls boarding school secretly harboring the love she professed to her stepbrother, Alex.
Touring the country and living the life, Alex hasn’t forgotten Morgan. To celebrate her eighteen birthday, she sneaks out to meet him at one of his concerts and they fulfill their desire for one another along the way.
Until her older stepbrother Grant puts the brakes on the celebration. With Morgan’s graduation a month away, it’s only a small wrinkle in her plans to spend her life with Alex, unless Grant has anything to say about it.

Book 3:

Will Morgan and Alex’s love for each other survive his wild rock star life or does Morgan need a stable and attentive lover? Find out if life after high school and working for Grant changes Morgan’s perception of love, life and the pursuit of a rock star.

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