Latest Stephanie Brother Release, PLUS FREE BONUS !

Knox. Like Fort Knox, right? Impossible to break into.

I know what I want may be technically legal, but what I want to do to him? Maybe not.

When Dad disappears and Mom remarries, the last thing I expect to get thrown into the dowry is a panty melting, sexy-as-hell step-brother. I guess that’s what Cory means by fate.

Of course, It’d be alright if every time I looked at him I didn’t feel what I did. I have no reason to either. I mean, it’s not like he’s athletic, or particularly well endowed, or completely fucking drop dead gorgeous, is it?

I guess it’s a good job he can’t be mine, because if he could, lord knows he’d survive at all with what I want to do to him.

Maybe the best things in life are the things you’re never meant to have.

Right. Until you work out how to get them that is.

This is an unapologetic standalone stepbrother romance novella designed to be devoured in one sitting.

Plus BONUS! Free copy of Giving My Billionaire Stepbrother A Baby (Part 1) to all Stephanie Brother fans!

While stocks last!


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