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  1. What happened to part 3 of stepbrother the billionaire and the ball? “Stepbrother the billionaire and the baby” I read the other two months ago when they were released and no3 was said to be realesed that week and never was! Very frustrating as it’s a cliffhanger

  2. What is up with tempest: a stepbrother romance, is it not finished? Can’t get the books on Amazon.

  3. is there a reading order for your books? I just read DONKEY loved it.

  4. Hi I’m looking for My Stepbrother the Billionaire, and the Baby. Is it out yet or are you not going to have it available?

  5. Uestion: are you writing a book for Tara and the Abbott brothers from the Beast Brothers?

  6. Where can I find the bonus chapter for Billion Dollar Daddy? I just finished it and at the end it says there is a bonus chapter when I sign up for your site, but when I search it won’t find anything not even the original book

    1. how do i receive the bonus chapter of billionaire dollar daddy? loved the book,would like to read the bonus chapter.

  7. Have also just finished billion dollar daddy and would like to know how to get the bonus chapter!!

  8. How do I get the bonus chapter of billionaire dollar daddy. I would like to read the honeymoon chapter of Ryan and Jessie

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