Stephanie Brother’s HOTTEST Series Is a NOVEL!

Get Your Copy of  Billionaire Stepbrother – Addiction: The Complete Series

Brett and Kady Are In Love! Unfortunately, So Are Their Parents!

Brett watched as his father married his third wife, all the while looking at the gorgeous, voluptuous young girl next to him. His true love – his soul mate!  On the rare times they had seen each other before this fateful day, Kady couldn’t help her forbidden attraction to Brett’s muscled, athletic body. She ached to drown in his beautiful blue eyes, and feel his passion as he made love to her.

Brett was also madly torn by his intense feelings for Kady. He knew she was now unavailable to him, but his need fought against his strong will…and his emotions were winning over against sound judgment!

Now, he imagined it were the two of them up there. He dared not look at Kady, for fear that his need for her would be reflected in his earnest face. He knew that, after today, she was off-limits. He found himself panicking inward, wanting to run and stop the wedding! He looked over at Kady, who stood staring at him, tears streaming down her face.She suddenly bolted from the altar, and ran out of the church!

When Ted and Sarah married, Kady and Brett realized that their own dreams were crushed and forever beyond reach.


Brett’s sudden business success propels him to the upper echelons of the rich and famous, where things take a decidedly unusual turn.

Follow the erotic romantic adventures of these two very different couples, as their worlds are suddenly turned upside down, and as they struggle to come to terms with what is right, wrong, forbidden or even allowed!

Contains detailed depictions of sexual acts.

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